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Service process

The technical process of Kepit EventStream service differs significantly from all of the other video conference-, live event- and webinar services by producing all the streams with the same technology as modern TV broadcasts. This ensures a reliable stream regardless of the device or the number of participants.

Skilled professional on site

A production professional is responsible of all of the preparation and operation on site. This leaves the event organizers to be able to focus solely on the main event.

Monitoring and support from our Master control room

All broadcasts are monitored from our centralized control room, enabling us to help you with any problem situations you might encounter.

The benefits of our service

Effortless and quick

No gratuitous requests for quotations, or extensive planning. Complete concepts, perfected with the experience of thousands of broadcasts offer the most viable solutions quickly and easily.
Just tell us the place and the time, we handle the rest!


With our comprehensive network of production teams in Finland and in various locations in Europe, we can offer fixed-priced services in most cases completely regardless of the location of your event.

Operation optimizing

You are able to save tens of thousands of euros in the traveling and accommodation expenses of the participants, and in retained working hours


TV production technology enables the streams to function reliably even with large viewer quantities and slow internet connections.


You are able to reach a large audience regardless of the location of your event.


Live broadcast are proven to have a wider reach than video recordings.

Time independent

Video recording is available instantly after the broadcast, enabling partizipation to the event even after it has ended.

Effortlessly interactive

The viewers are able to participate by asking questions and comments without any hassle with mics or web-cameras.

Kepit EventStream -service offering

Video production

The service includes a video production with one professional grade Tv-production camera, and if necessary, the amount of cameras can be increased. The production is done by professionals from the preparation all the way to post-production work. Our technical professional on site can also help with other matters regarding the video- and audio technology of the event.

Complete production concept

The service is a totally complete production concept, which includes instructions for the marketing of the event, the running orders for the implementation of the broadcast, and clear instructions for the performers. No previous experience of distance events is needed to be able to achieve a top class end result.

Automatically adjusting HD-quality live broadcast

The video feed is compressed on site with pro-grade hardware using the latest technology. This ensures that the stream will function without any lags even with slow internet speeds. To deliver the signal, either the fixed internet connection on the site, or our wireless LTE-connections.

Support and monitoring service

In our support and monitoring center, we make sure that the broadcast is functioning without any problems. Separate surveillance enables a quick response to problems, and speeds up the problem solving process. The operators also follow the conversations regarding the stream, and can help the viewers with their possible problems.

Event markings on the recording

There can be event markings added to the recording, to help the viewers move to certain parts of the broadcast. The markings are done already during the live stream, enabling them to be used right after the broadcast ends.

Limiting the viewing rights

The stream can be carried out as a public broadcast, or it can be limited to a certain audience. The viewing rights can be limited for example to the company's own network, or by distributing viewing codes.

Automatic recording

All of the broadcasts are recorded both on site, and in the master control room. The recording can be delivered as a downloadable file or can be published to the viewing site right after the live feed ends. The online recording is accessible for a year after the event, and the time can also be extended if necessary.

Our CloudRec -service enables editing clips almost in real time from the broadcast while the stream is still live.

Audio production

The audio of the event can be separately recorded, or the audio of the event sound system can be directly plugged in to the stream. The service includes one speech microphone, and one open space microphone. We will take care of the monitoring and adjusting of the audio levels, thus the the audio of the stream will be clear and even on all devices.

Name- and event graphics in the broadcast.

The production includes name graphics, which can be used to for example show the name of the speaker every time the performer changes. The headline of the event or the presentation can also be added to the graphics, this enables the participants to follow the progression of the event. The logo of the event or the customer can also be implemented to the graphics.

Stream distribution to 1000 viewers

The broadcast is transmitted to the viewers using the distribution network of Amazon, the world's largest CDN-operator. The base service includes the distribution up to 1000 viewers, but the distribution capacity can be increased almost limitlessly if necessary. Read more on increasing the capacity from the additional services.

Ready-made broadcast page, and a player imbedded to your page.

We will deliver you a broadcast page right after the reservation, which you can then deliver again to the participants of the stream. Your, or your clients logo/logos can also be added to the page. We can also deliver you a implementation code, which enables the stream to be added to your webpage or intranet.

Conversation window

There can be a text based conversation window added besides the video player, enabling the viewers to communicate together and ask questions from the presenter. The conversation window allows for easy and reliable way to interact with the stream, and the questions asked can be presented at any fitting times during the event.

Easy access with mobile devices

The user interface has been developed with modern HTML5-technology, which enables the stream to be received with almost any computers, mobile devices and tablet computers without any additional software or browser extensions. The adaptive transmission technology adjusts the quality of the stream automatically based on the speed of the internet used, enabling the stream to function even with weaker connections.

Participation statistics

We will provide the statistics of the participation of the stream after the broadcast ends. The statistics will show the number of viewers, and the geographical distribution of the participants.

Our services have been utilized by:

Prices and booking the service

Our affordable prices are based on the wide network of production teams, and on our revolutionary cloud-based production systems.

Kepit EventStream

690 € / 0-2 hours

850 € / 2-4 hours

1050 € / 4-8 hours

Includes the Classic-package service offering.
The cervice can be extended with all of the Kepit EventStream -services.

100 % money-back satisfaction guarantee.
Free of charge cancellation if your event is cancelled.
Travel- and accommodation expenses included
Make a reservation

Kepit EventStream

860 € / 0-2 hours

1020 € / 2-4 hours

1220 € / 4-8 hours

Includes the Classic-package and following additional services:
- capturing of presentation image to the broadcast
- Graphics to match the clients image

100 % money-back satisfaction guarantee.
Free of charge cancellation if your event is cancelled.
Travel- and accommodation expenses included
Make a reservation

Kepit EventStream

1850 € / 0-2 hours

2300 € / 2-4 hours

2890 € / 4-8 hours

Includes the Classic-package and following additional services:
- Two cameras and cameramens
- separate filming lights
- duplicated signal delivery connection
- spare production device
- Graphics to match the clients image
- CloudRec -live clipping tool

100 % money-back satisfaction guarantee.
Free of charge cancellation if your event is cancelled.
Travel- and accommodation expenses included
Make a reservation

Additional services

You are able to extend the service with the following additions:

Real-time capturing of presentation image 170 €

This additional service enables the electronic material (presentations, videos, web pages etc.) to be implemented seamlessly and with high quality to the stream. The material does not need to be provided in advance, as they are imbedded to the stream in real-time during the event.

Clipping of the recording 150 €

If you need different performances or speeches of your event as separate files, we can clip them for you from the broadcast recording. The links for downloading the edited video files are provided right after the stream ends.

Broadcasting to multiple channels: 150 €/channel

If wanted, we are able to broadcast the stream to
Halutessasi voimme jakaa signaalin lähetyskeskuksestamme useaan eri jakelukanavaan (esim. YouTube, Facebook tai jokin TV-kanava).

Conversation window on the site 100 €

The conversation window beside the video player can also be shown on the site, enabling the live audience to follow and participate to the conversation going on in the internet.

Additional cameras from 150 €

The base-service includes filming with one camera, which is sufficient for most of the events. If the event has multiple simultaneous speakers, or a lot of interaction between the speaker and the audience, we would recommend using at least one additional camera.
1st additional always unmanned camera. Price: 150€
2nd additional camera includes an additional cameraman: price: 350€

Additional microphones 100 €/pcs

If the event has multiple simultaneous speakers, or the used microphone changes a lot, we recommend using multiple mics. Thus, the usage of the microphones is more smoothly, and the audio of the broadcast is distinct in every situation.

Kepit EventStream -network distribution additonal capacity
150 €/500 viewers

Kepit EventStream -service includes distribution to up to 1000 viewers as a standard. If more viewers are expected, the distribution capacity can be extended accordingly.

Matching graphics to the client visual image
150 €/client

The graphics of the broadcast can be fully customized to match your visual presentation. To achieve this, we will need a graphical manual, or some ready-made graphical material to base our graphics on.

CloudRec-service 30 €

CloudRec-service enables you to edit clips from the broadcast event while the stream is live, or after it has ended. After editing them, the clips are ready to be used immediately for example to social media marketing.

About us

Kepit Systems Oy is a company founded in 2006, that specialises in in developing and offering software-based TV-production services for live productions. We offer the services with 16 years of experience, that has enabled us to perfect our services to include all the necessary technology and production personnel.

We produce over 12 000 live streams on last year to web and to linear television in Finland and all over Europe. We employ directly about 30 video production professionals, and through our production team network indirectly hundreds of media industry professionals both in Finland and abroad.

In addition to the event streams we are responsible for The TV-productions of i.a. following sports in Finland.

Contact us

Arttu Rautio
CRM / international sales
+358 40 092 0333‬

Juho Tuomisto
technical producer, international productions
+358 41 431 7568

Jussi Uljas
CEO / sales
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Aarni Nagy
CRM & producer, EventStream-productions
+358 44 595 0915‬

Jere Uljas
technical producer, sport
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Joel Pilli
technical producer, eSport
+358 40 411 1500

Jussi Uusi-Illikainen
+358 50 919 3140

Jaakko Uusi-Illikainen
+358 50 572 9203‬

Kasperi Aho
production devices manager

Lassi Uusi-Illikainen
special developer SW & HW

Mikko Niemikorpi
senior software developer

Joona Peni
software developer

Aku Kettunen
software developer

Patrik Halonen

Tatu Takanen

Tuukka Uusi-Illikainen

Juuso Ijas

Miika Uusi-Illikainen

Akseli Marjanen

Lassi Järvenpää

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